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Gives meanings of some Konkani words...

Dive layyati=light the lamps,
 Manaari gheyyati=take it in your mind (heart)
Tartarichi jaavnu=by becoming refreshed/alert,
Tamogun=lassitude (the quality of the night),
Sonnu=by leaving,(Sodche=to leave),Jaavnu=by
becoming (Jaanvche=to become),Sanmitrank=to the good
friends,Ghenvnu=by taking (Ghenvche=to take),
Gharchyank=to the family (from one!s
home),Sanskruti=culture,Sanskrutichya=of culture,
Haatbhaar=helping hand,
Haatbhar layyayti=give a helping hand,
Dublyangelya=of the weak/poor section of the society,
Baylo=women,Baylaangelle=of women, Bhurgyangele=of children,
Dyandeep=lamp of knowledge, Jaanvche=to be/become,
(Imperative i.e.request/order),Daya=kindness,compassion, Daye tyal/Tyel=oil of
kindness,Preeti=love,affection , Waati/Vaati=wick, Preeti vaat=a wick of love.

---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Dist aass=it is appearing,(dissche=to appear -before one!s eyes-),Makka=to
me,Manaant/u=inthe mind, Aaj/i=today, Taw=he, Khandit=surely,certainly,
Yettlo=will come,(Yenvche=to come),Taagelya=his(m),Hya=his, Deen=humble,
Bhaktaak=to the devotee


love/affection,(mog/u=move),Darshan dittlo=will appear-before one!s eyes-

,Mod=clouds, Vairi=above,Bhorn/u=filled, Aaastanachi=while in

place,Maanaantulo=within -one!s- mind, Mor/u=peacock,Naancht=dancing,

(Naanche=to dance),Aaang=body,Chimb jalle=becamewet,Tharthar

aaylo=shivered,Dolyanthaan=from the eyes ,Aanand=happiness,Whanvt=flowing,

(Whanvche=to flow,Whanvnu whorche=to carry-a load-)

Drushtimukhaar=in front of one!s eyes,(Drushti=sight),Hrushekeshaali/Hrushikeshaageli=of Hrushikesh,Gomti

murty=beutiful image/idol,(Gomto,Gomti,Gomte=beutiful-m,f,n,,objects

resp.),Vajjayta Kolor/u=while playing the

flute,Mishkil=playful,Haast=smiling/laughing,(Haasche=to smile/laugh),Chonvchi

reeti=the way of seeing,(Chonvnche=to see/look),Haataantulo=that which is held


in hand,(Haat=hand).

Radhegelo=of  Radha  Vrundaavanaantu=in Vrundaavan,Bhonvt=wandering,

(Bhonvche=to wander/roam about),Draupadine=by Draupadi, Aangti=a piece of

cloth ,Baandhtancho=while tieing,(Baandhche=to tie/fasten),Arjunaak=to

Arjun,Geeta=the celestial song in which Shrikrushn narrates his

philosophy,Saangt=telling(Saangche=to tell,to narrate).

Saan/u=small,little,petite, Yashodecho=of Yeshoda,Naivedya=offering -before

God-,Pailechi=beforehand, Khaattnaacho=while eating,Ganesh khancho anni

Krushn/u Khanco=who is Ganesh and who is Krushn (allegorical ref.:Yeshoda-

mother of Krushn was surprised to see the image of Ganesh when Krushn opened

his mouth .Krushn had eaten the offering 'Modak' meant for Ganesh without

Yeshoda!s knowledge),Putanegele=of Putana(the lady who was sent by

Kauns),Pittalo=one who drinks (all.ref.drinking of milk from Putana!s

breasts),Kaaliymardan=punishing Kaaliya(the dreaded snake from the river

Yamuna),Kartalo=one who does,(karche=to do),Gopaalangelo=of

cowherds,Sakhosaangaati=friend ,comrade ,Dimkulyari=on one!s knees,

Chamkatalo=one who walks,(Chamkunvche=to walk), Meetr=friend, Meetraak=to (one!s) friend.

[Articles 'a','the' have been omitted.]

The poem"Dive Layyati" is an appeal to the people to light the lamp of knowledge(with diligence,for preserving culture,to help the downtrodden)by becoming refreshed and alert.The poem "Distn aass maakka" is about the vision of the Bhakt Sudhaamaa:he is sure that Shri Krushn (Hrushikesh) will meet him with the same love and affection as in his childhood.