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Utpaat ...

Utpaat :Ek Kavita=A poem

Utpaat !

Utpaat jalla,udrek jalla,
niddanthanu uthaayaati,
Utpaat jallo,Ujwaaduyi jallo
aattnpuni uthaayaati!

durthanu mhanu dusryangeli
dukkhn haanka kalnashilli?
dusryangelya drushtin chonvchyaak
kaayni mannhi valnashillni?

durdrushti naattilmitni haanka
laaggicheyee dissaneve?
ki dolyaavelya kaappdamitni
kharenphatti khanche kalneve?

jalle tye jaavnu gelle,
Dev kartatye -konaakhattir?
bodh ghenvkaa,budwant jaanvkaa
sandesh saglya jaanaakhattir?

aattnpuni utthayaati,
dolay ughonnu kharen saangaat
konaak jaayshili khari shaanti?

Disaster! there is crises!
Awake! Get up from sleep
There is disaster,but light too
at least now,awake! Get up!

Because of distance
couldn!t they see other!s woes?
Were there some not knowing other!s viewpoint
not ready to change their mindset?

Was it due to lack of vision
they couldn!t see what!s lying ahead?
or was it due to eye-bandage
couldn!t see:true and false?

Whatever has happened has happened
For whom the God does this?
We should learn and become wise
Is that the message for all people?

Get up! Awake!
At least now awake!
Tell us with open-eyes truthfully
Who really wanted peace?

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Yes! Interesting.

Dev sarvangele baren karo.

Bless us all, Lord Almighty.



Jagat shaantikhattir prayatn kartalyank arpan.

Dedicated to all those striving for World-peace.