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Vissor Naakkaat!

Don`t forget!

Vissor naakkaat,dillel vachan
Anmaan naakkat-jiktale kon!.......(R)

Nischay karaat,uddisht dharaat
sankataank saarnu-jaattle mahaan!.(1)

Sadbhaav dharaat,mann ek karaat
thunttoon pallyari-sandhtalo kon?.(2)

Gandhik smaraat,sadmaarg dharaat
Shouryaan satwaan jaggat jeevan! .(3)

Geetek smaraat,hoddlyaa jagaat
Kartavy sollyaari-raakhtalo kon? .(4)

Dhairyaan chalaat,ekjoot karaat
Sattyaakhaattir ho zunjale jawaan!(5)


Asatomaam sadgamay!
Tamasomaam jyotirgamay!
Mrutyormaam amrutamgamay!
Om shantih!shaantih! shaantih!


Three Persons

Two persons
Doni mannush

Forget not,the promise
Have no doubts-as to who`ll win! .....(R)

Be resolute,have a target!
Pushing aside woes,achieve greatness!...(1)

Holding virtues,think as one man!
If you break-who will bind? ........(2)

Remeber Gandhiji,take a riteous path
Live your life with courage and piety!...(3)

Remember Geeta,In this big world if
One shirks from duty-who will protect?....(4)

Move courageously!All unite!
For a good cause,battles have been fought!.(5)

Lead us from untruth to truth!
Lead us from darkness to light!
Lead us from death to eternity!
Peace! Peace!....Peace!


Two Persons

Here the reference is to Mahatma Gandhi -Father of the nation-who lead the stuggle for freedom and liberty by the Indian people against the British Empire.
' Geeta'--from the epic 'Mahabharat'--in which Lord Krihna
prevails upon Arjun to take to arms against his cousins:Kauravas--in order to bring justice.