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Prominent Personalities:CHITRAPUR SARASWATS


*Amembal Dinkarrao: (b.24.9.1909 at Mangalore,d.19.2.1990 atMumbai) Musician(Flautist and Conductor of Orchestras),founder of the "Mumbai Akashwani Vadya Vrinda".Fellow of the Sangeet Natak Akademy:(1987).

*Amembal Sundarrao: Chairman of Suburban Music Circle,Santacruz(W),Mumbai . for several years. Held very important positions in Social organisations.

*Aroor Umabai:   Author of "Shri Chitrapur Guruparampara Charitra" ,"an epic in mellifluous  Marathi verse" .

*Balsekar Ramesh: A well-known exponent of Advaita.Was Chief Executive Officer of Bank of India.

*Badakere Sai Kumar :National Men`s Single  Table-Tennis Champion (1971),India.Partenering with K.Jayant won the men`s doubles National Titles for a couple of years.

*Burde  Prakash:  Music critic . Author of "Basic principles of Hindustani  Music'

* Baindoor Deorai Aiyagal:    Dramatist and Playwrite of the Konkani Stage. Author of 'Konkani Self Taught'

*Benegal Narsing rao : (b.26.2.1887,d.30.11.1953)  Sir  Narsingrrao represented India at UNO and  presided over the meeting of the Security Council  in  June, 1950.    . He also helped Dr.B.R.Ambedkar in drafting the Indian Constitution.Was  a Judge  at the Internatinal Court of Justice at the Hague(1951-52).

*Dr.S.C.R.Bhat  (Nandbhat):  Exponent of Indian Classical Music, Performer and Teacher.Sangeet Acharya.Well-versed both in Khayal and Dhrupad Gayaki. Recipient of of Saraswatbharana Award at the hands of  Swami Sadyojat Shankarashram.

*Bantwal Prabhakar : As the President of the Standing Committee of  the Chitrapur Math played a crucial role in  the affairs  of  the  Math .for continuation of Guruparampara..

*Badakere   Shantaram  : Artist of extra-ordinary talents.Well-respected for portrait paintings.

*Benegal Ramarao:(1889-1969) Sir Ramarao was Governor of the Reserve Bank of India . He was also the Ambassador of India to Japan .

*Benegal Shivrao:  Journalist and a Parliamentarian.

*Benegal Sanjivrao: Educationist

*Bhatkal Ganpat R.: Founder of  Popular  Group of companies  in the book-trade.Philanthropist and  social worker.

*Bhatkal  Sadanand Ganpat:  Social worker and entrepreuner.

*Bhatkal Ramdas : Publisher  of important  books .Author of Marathi book "JIGSAW", a household name among   Maharashtra`s  intellectuals.

*Bhatkal Anil M.: Chartered Accountant.Founded A.M.Bhatkal Financial Services Private Ltd. Social worker .

* Bijoor  Dattatreya Anant  :A  Karmyogi of our time.Initiator and  guiding spirit of the Khar Math, a philanthropist and social worker .Manging Trustee of the Khar Math.

*Benegal Shyam   :Film personality,Director of movies such as "Ankur',"Manthan","Nishant","Bhumika"."Kalyug" and "Sardari Begum'. and "Zubeida".

*Bhardwaj Nitish: TV and Film personality.Recipient of Saraswatbharana   Award.

*Chandavarkar Narayanaro :  Justice Narayanrao  Chandavarkar was   President of the Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress held  in 1900 .Was  a High Court Judge. and a leading light of the Prarthana Samaj.

*Chandavarkar Sir Vithal N. : Industrialist, served as the Mayor of Bombay (now Mumbai), and  Vice-Chancellor of the University  of  Bombay.

*Chandavarkar Ganesh L. :  Educationist and a leader of the Prarthana Samaj.

*Chandavarkar Leena : Made a name for herself  as  a heroin  filmstar by working in Hindi movies.

*Chadavarkar Bhaskar:  Sitarist,Music Composer and Director. (Saamana, Godhuli, Ghashiram Kotwal )

*Chandavarkar Ramdas A.:  Chairman of FDC Limited.Philantropist and Recipient of Saraswatbharna Award.

*Chikermane R.S.:  Retired IRS Officer .(Chief Commissioner of Income-tax).Recipient of Saraswatbharana Award.

*Chattopadhyay Kamaladevi:(1903-!988)  Freedom fighter ,founded Indian National Theater.Bharatiya Natya Sangh (1949) Gave new life to Kalamkari form of Art.

*Dr.Divgi Bhawanishankar P. : Social worker by inclination and temper.Served the people as the Mayor of Bombay(Mumbai).Was one of the leaders of Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti and  a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

*Divgi R.N. (Babmam)   :Founder of Divgi Meatalware

.Received Saraswatbharna Award.

*Dongerkery S.R.  :First Vice-Chancellor of the Marathwada University(now Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University). 
*Dongerkery Umanathrao: Konkani playwrite and  poet.

*Dongerkery Kamala bai:  Scholar and social worker.

*Lt.General Prakash Gokarn: Retd.Signal Officer-in-Chief,Army H.Q.,Was Secretary of Army`s Reorganzation and Restructuring Expert committee for upgrading organisation and &Weapon Systems of the Army.Was awarded Ati Vishist Seva Medal and Param Vishist Seva Medal for distinguished services of the most exceptional level by the President of India.

*Gokarn Vinayak Shankar (1890-1976) : Leading  advocate  of Karwar practised on the Civil side.He was on the committee, along with Madhav  Manjunath Shanbhag, that organised the first  Konkani Parishad  on 8th July 1939 at Karwar in the Uttar Kannada Distict of Karnataka,India.
*Gokarn Maruti Vinayak:(!932- 1986)  Founded Triton Valves  Limited.,( a  company manufacturing Automobile Tyre  Tube Valves) at Bangalore in the state of Karnatak (India)  with factory at Mysore.

*Gokarn Gurunath : Social worker with a flair for Journalism.He gave shape  and prestige to "Kanara Saraswat" a monthly magazine of the Kanara Saraswat Association  during his tenure as its  Editor.

*Hattangadi  Jayadev : Actor, Director --Theater  personalty.recipient of several honours including  the one at the  Akhil Vishwa Saraswat  Sammelan, held at  Mangalore (India)  in 2000.One of the leading members of the Theater Group :'AVISHKAR'.

*Hattangadi  Rohini :TV,Film and Theater personality .

*Gokarn Ratnakar Nagesh:: Following the footsteps of his father late Shri Nagesh Gokarn , Ratnakar took to social   work  like a fish takes to water.Connected with Shamrao-Vithal Co-op.Bank Lrd. as a member of the Board of Directors.Worked for the Kanara Saraswat Association in various capacities.

*Gulvadi Omkar:  Tabla wizard  of  Hindustani Classical Music           

*Gangolli Ramesh:  Professor of Mathamatics  -University of Washington at Seattle. Scholar and Musician.

*Hattiangadi Shankar Rau:  Remembered for his  work of  stabilising the  finances of  Shri Chitrapur Math,Shirali (North Kanara) . Founder Editor of "Sunbeam" a monthly publication devoted to propagation of Dharma.

* Hattiangadi Gopal S.: (b.15.12.1921-d.16.5.2003)  Ph.D. (University of South California.Prepared a Reports  on Chemical Industry in 1942-44,and on "Vanaspati Industry" (1958). Scholar of repute.Author of several books including "Fifty Years of Bliss"(1965),"Pandurang,Pandurang"(1965).Received Shrimat  Anandashram Award'  for lifetime achievement  from Swami Sadyojat Shankarashram.

*Hattiangadi Eknath:(d.18.10.2001);Theatre personality remembered for his his roles in "Shantata  Court Chalu Ahe", "Vallbhpurchi Dantkatha" and other  Marathi plays, and "Under-Secretary', "Atmavanchan" and other Konkani plays."Best Actor Award' of the Govt. of Maharashtra  for his role in "Avadhya".

* Hattiangadi Vasant P. :Revived "Chitrapur Sunbeam" a publication of great merit  and  was the President of the Mahasabha of Chitrapur Math .

*Haldipur R.N.:  Former Lt.Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.

*Pt.Haldipur Nityanand: Flautist and musician .


*Hattangadi Muralidhar: Remembered for his singleminded devotion and yeomen service to  the Konkani stage.A prize has been instituted in his memory  by Konkani Bhasha Mandal,Mumbai (KBMM) to be awarded to a student  scoring highest marks at the H.S.C. Exam. from amongst those whose  any one of parents/grandparents is a  member of KBMM.

*Heblekar Pt.Gurudatt ::The Ace Harmonium-player.

*Hemmadi Suresh :  Served as the President of  Kanara sarswat Association , Chairman of  Shamrao Vithal Co-op.Bank Ltd.

*Hosangadi Murali R.: Was President of  the Kanara Saraswat Association .Held  senior positions in  Industial organisations  and was CEO of a world-class Phrmaceutical company.

*Hoskote  Ranjit:(b.1969)  :    Poet and   Cultural Theorist Independent curator, Art Critic .Received Sanskriti Award for literature in 1996.Honoured  by the Sahitya Akademi.Young Writers` Award ,2004.

*Kamat (Dr.) Jyotsna :  Teacher,Researcher, Broadcaster.Best Woman Kannada  Writer  of  1995-96  and K.Shamarao Scholarship Award.Karnatak   Literary Academy Award 1988 , Rajyotsav award 1991(for extra-ordinary contribution to Kannada language  and literature thro` electronic media.)

*Kundapur Umabai :(1892-1992 Freedom fighter.Born in Mangalore (Bhawani Golikeri), she was in charge of "Tilak Kanya Shala".Founded "Bhagini Mandal" in Hubli.In 1946 Mahatma Gandhi  appointed her Agent of Karnatak Branch of Kasturba Ttrust. She is remembered for her selfless service of over 50 years  to the motherland .

* Kalyanpurkar ( Prof.)Mohanrao :Headed the  Dance  Department  at the Bhatkande Music College.Luckhonow.He was trained under Guru Sundar Prasad.   Proficient in Sitar and Tabla.


* Katre( Prof.)S.M. :.(B.11-4- 1906 at Honawar  ,India   d. 1-4-1999 )Scholar.Author of "A Comparative  Glossary of Konkani',"Konkani Phonetics", "The formation of Konkani" "Dictionary of Panini :Ganapatha",    Instrumental in starting the .Department of Linguistics  at the Deccan College Post-graduate and  Research Institute ,Pune and played a prominent role in the development of Lingistics in India..

*Kaikini  Vithal Krishnaji :Author of the following books written in Marathi: "Gokarn Mahatmya"(1870), Mangesh Mahatmya (1872).

*Kaikini Shamrao Vithal (1841-1905): Author of "Introduction to Parashariya Dharmshastra" (1900).In 1871 ,he  passed  Pleader`s  Examination ,was appointed Second  Kannada Translator to the Bombay High Court.Because of his service to the community  Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank Ltd. started in 1906 is named after him.

*Pt.Kaikini Dinkar :A great  Vocalist of  Hindustani Music,Musicologist.He worked as the Principal of Bhawan`s College of Music for several years.

*Kalyanpur Suman (nee Hemmadi): As a playback singer  she is among the top  few persons. "Suman Geete", a collection of Marathi  songs is  still a big favourite.

*Kalle Krishna:  As  a singer of light Classical renderings she is very popular among  all generations.

*Kalle Pandurangrao: Social worker,Businessman and Philantropist.

*Kalyanpur Jayant:  Spotsman. Was  National Table-Tennis Champion (India).

*Kalyanpur Dinesh D.(DDK): A great Social Worker. He left a mark of his concern for people around him  by his work connected with bringing out Bhanap Census Report (1971)and many other social activities.

*Kati Suresh : Was in charge of Nuclear Power Corporation.Served as  the President of Kanara Saraswat Association,Mumabai.

*Karnad Sadashivrao: Prominent leader of the  Freedom Movement.

*Kulkarni  Vishweshwarrao: Founder of Roy & Co.,and Bombay Homeopathic Medical Association.

*Karnad Girish: Rhodes Scholar.Was President of the Oxford Union.Playwrite,Actor and  film personality. Received Jnanpith Award for his contribution to Indian Literature.Author of plays in Kannada (Tughlak, Hayatvadan etc.)

*Karnad V.G. : Flutist of great distinction.Recipient of Saraswatbharana Award.

*Kurwar Krishna: Recipient of 11 State Awards for excellent ptinting, Playwrite and  proponent of  Konkani  and Marathi  literary pursuits.

*Kamat Sadhana: Professor of Psychology,author of many books.Served as the President of the Kanara Saraswat Association. Created and  conducted  popular programmes  on lives of  Saints.

*Kodikal V..L. :was the   first  Chairman and Managing  Director of Colgate & Palmolive (India) Ltd..

*K.Gurudatt (Kilpady Gurudatt): Scholar and Social Worker.

*Kudmul Sadashiv D.: (1912-2000): Social worker.President of Saraswat Club,Santacruz-W, Mumbai (1954-56).Founder and Hon.Member of Chitrapur Saraswat Education and Relief   Society (Regd) .Philanthropist.

*Pt.Murdeswar Devendra:(1923-2000) Performer,Flute-maker,Teacher, Broadcaster and Producer of Classical Music (Akashwani).Prime Disciple of Pt. Pannalal Ghosh.

* Murdeshwar (Rao-Bahadur )G.P.: Founder-Chairman of the Greater Bombay and Thane Disrict Co-op.Hsg.Federation Ltd..He was also the President of Advocates Association of Western India in1946.

*Dr.Mankekar Mohan S.: Started Jivadani Hospital in 1979 in partnership with other doctors.

*Mavinkurve Gopal S.:  Was associated with the Kanara  Saraswat Association (Regd) in various capacities .Organiser of great ability ,he inspired a band of Social workers.Director of Konkani and Marathi plays.Played a leading role in organising the first Inter-Collegiate Konkani Drama Competition in Bombay.(Mumbai),India.

*Masurkar Gurudas : Founder Chairman  of Entod Pharmaceuticals.Social worker.Was Chairman of Shamrao Vithal Co-Op.Bank Limited.

* Muzumdar Kalindi:  Social worker Was associated with Nirmala Niketan of Social Sceinces, Mumbai.

*Pt.Nagarkar Chidanand:  Exponent of Hindustani Classical Music.He is remembered for his Khyaal Gayaki..

*Nadkarni Pandurang N.: Author of "Shri GITAMMA" , a rendering in chaste Konkani in Anustabh Metre of Bhagwat-Geeta. Assisted Raobahadur S.S.Talmaki  in writing "Saraswat Families" . a book dealing with the history and origin of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins 

*Nadkarni  Vasant Pandurang: Playwrite and Director of several Konkani plays.He was awarded   by Maharashtra Government for best acting  for his role of 'Lalya" in the Hindi version of the Marathi play "Ashrunci zali Phulen".His play 'Mrugjal' has been acclaimed by discerning audience .He has cotributed  a great deal to Konkani literature,"Devva" ,acollection of poems is the rendering in Konkani of  poems from Ravindranath Tagore`s  "Geetanjali" .

*Nadkarni Mohan : Author, Musicologist and Critic. Author of major works .("Music  To Thy Ears"  "The  Great Masters"etc.)

*Nalkur Shripad Rao( Sippy Rao): A great Social worker,organiser and Indusrialist.  He  has  held the  coveted posts of  the positions of President of the Standing Committee of the Chitapur Sarawats ,Chaiman of the Shamrao Vithal Co-op.Bank Limited, and  the President of Kanara Saraswat Association . Charman of Suburban Music Circle, Santacruz-W, Mumbai.

*Nadkarni Suresh Vishweshwar: A Cricketer of repute, remembered for taking all the 11 wickets in one of the matches  in the inter-University Tournaments. Played for Mumbai-University,ACC ,Sundar Cricket Club.

*Nadkarni S.K.:  Civil Engineer by profession he was associated with Kanara Saraswat Association. Co-sponsored the first Inter-Collegiate Konkani Dramatic Competition in Bombay in 1954-55 by donating a Trophy.

*Raobahadur D.V.Nadkarni:  Held the position of Dy.Municipal Commissioner of Bombay. Was  President of the Standing Committee of Chitrapur Math .Rendered valuable service as the Chairman of the Shamrao Vithal Coop.Bank Ltd. Mumbai.
*Nagarkatte Anant :Actor,Director and a film-personality.
*Nagarkatte Shankar: Actor..'Malgudi Days'

*Nilekani Nandan:  An brilliant Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology,Powai ,Bombay . Former Chief Executive Officer of  Infotech.Author of "Imagining India",Winner of several prestigious awards including Joseph Schumpeter Prize for innovative service in economy,economics sciences and politics.

*Pt.Naimpalli Sadanand Dinkar:  A Tabla-Maestro.He is the leading light of the Peshkars.He is sought after by the connoisseurs of Indian Classical Music for Tabla Solo performances. Prime disciple of Pt.Taranath.Author of the book "Theory and Practice of Tabla"

*Panje Krishnabai:  A great Freedom fighter ,she took part in the Freedom Movement  for liberation of India from the yokes of the British Empire.

*Panje Mangeshrao: Noted Kannada  writer.

*P.Gurudatt:  Director and Actor  of  the Hindi  Film World..Remembered for his epoch-making films such as "Pyaasa"and "Kagaz ke phool"  .

*Padukone Prakash:(b. 10-6-1955 at Bangalore) Ace Badminton player.At the Commonwealth Games held  at Edmonton  in Canada in 1978, Prakash won Gold-medal  by winning Men`s Singles.Was  Badminton National Level  Champion. of India  for  nine years in a row. Recipient  of "Arjuna" award.

*Patil Vimala:   A multi-faceted personality,well-known writer,media-person,social worker,designer of fashion-shows and  beuty contests.Connoisseur of fine and performing arts.
*Pandit Shitala Kishor: Managing Trustee of Punyatma Prabhakar Sharma Seva Mandal.

*Patel  Sushilarani : A well-known  musician and  film-journalist.Was a member of the Censor Board.

*Row  Jaya:  Exponent and Preacher of    Bhagwat-Geeta.

*Samsi  Ambabai: Author of  "Raschandrika", a household name amongst  women   of India.

Sirur Prabhakar:(1907-2000)  Artist -Painter and Illusrator of great merit.Staff  Artist  of   Bennett Colman & company for many years..The painting showing Mahatma Gandhi and Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru  is a Treasure item. (    Its   prints  decorated  walls of many a household.)

*Sirur N.D.:  Industrialist and Philanthropist.An orphanage managed by the Prarthana Samaj is named after him.

*Sirur Raghavesh:  Industialist and Entrepreneur.Took  leading part in  Commerce and Industry matters in Karnatak.
*Shiralkar Shrinath S. : He was Dy.Governor of Reserve Bank of India from 18th Dec.1970 to 25th July,1976.
*Samsi Yogesh: Musician , disciple of Alla Rakha.As a  top-grade Tabla player  he has few equals. 

*Shirali Vishnudas : A great musician .He was  a Music Director in the Films Division ,Ministry of Information & Broadcasting,Govt. of India.

*Surkund Annajirao:  Great Guru of the Konkani Stage.His pioneering spirit was seen when  he  introduced Yakshagana  to Konkani  people. He staged a number of  Konkani  plays  .

*Talageri  Venkatrao:  Actor , Director and Playwrite.He won President`s Medal for  Best Acting in a Kannad Film.His Konkani play "Satyasheel Harishchandra" is fondly remembered  to this date.

*Talageri Pandurangrao:  Playwrite and Dramatist of the Konkani Stage.He used Kannada Script for writing Konkani plays.

*Tallur Rukmabai:  Social worker of extra-ordinary willpower.Founder Managing Trustee of   Punyatma Prabhakar Sharma Seva Mandal. (For more visit website '')

* Talmaki (Raobahadur )Shripad S  (b.25.12.1868at Honawar d.28.1.1948  at Dharwad)  : Author,Researcher and Social Worker.Initiator of many and varied social causes.Founded  ;Shamrao Vithal Co-op.Bank ltd.9(27-!2-1907).First President of Kanara Saraswat Association (Regd.),Author of "Co-operation in India and  Abroad","Konkani Proverbs", "Sarasawt Families'

*Ullal Sudarrao:  Short-stories writer in Konkani.

*Dr.Ugrankar S.L : Well-known  consulting physician served as the  President of the Kanara Saraswat Association .

*V.Rajagopal Bhat  (Vithal ): Sanskrit Scholar, Editor of "Shri Chitrapur Sunbeam", Author of  "Pandav Gita"(1970),"Sadguru Bodhamrit"(1971), "Gleanings From Guru Gita"(1969),"Panchratna Haripath" (in English and Marathi :1972, "Our Sanskaras"(1976) and "Gurugeetamrit"(1998). Received  the title of "Dharmapracharak" from revered Swamiji Shri Sadyojat Shankarashram --the Pontiff of Shri Chitrapur Math

*Yennemadi Devrai : Was judge of the City Civil Court and President of the Standing committee of     Chitrapur  Math.

*Yennemadi Vinod: Chartered Accountant  .Chief Financial Officer of HDFC Bank Ltd.










Kundaje Aruna (Rao)...Konkani Poet. Her major works include :SAKSHATKAR' a collection of KONKANI poems...Received Karnataka State Sahitya Akademi Award.

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