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In life,we come across  a work of Art (such as a  an image or a painting) which not only inspires us but also guides us. !
Bible( Old / New Testament) for Jews and Christians, Koran for Muslims, Dhammpad for Buddhists, Guru Granthsaheb for  Sikhs,Bhagwat-Geeta and Upnishads/Vedas for  Hindus  have stood as lighthouses for centuries providing guidance and inspiration to all  to face trials and tribulations  in life.
Classics  like The Illiad, The Odyssey,Ramayan and Mahabharat  are full of stories/anecdotes  ,which one should read at leisure.

Here is a story worth remembering:
Once upon a time , a disciple of a reknowned Rhishi (saintly hermit) went to his Guru ( teacher,that is the Rhishi ).He asked his Guru "Guruji, what qualities should I imbibe in order to  achieve salvation ?"
Guru told him that he won`t tell him  that off-hand and that the disciple should find out  'that' for himself !
So the disciple went about asking that question to the Pundits  (learned persons )of the place.

First one replied "It is SANITY , SYNERGYand STRENGTH".Because in all your dealings with people you will need these qualities.Sanity implies reasonableness and ability to take rational decisions without losing balance.Synergy is cooperative action.Strength is the ability to withstand force,pressure or stress !
 Second one replied "It is  UNDERSTANDING and UPRIGHTNESS ! Because  in your dealings you must first try to understand  what other person wants to convey and then to be understood; and unless you are upright  people will not trust you !"
Third one replied "It is DILIGENCE and DARING!  Because in the absence of diligence and daring ,any project cannot be  undertaken and completed  with a degree of satisfaction. Some degree of risk is inherent in  every undertaking  ! "
Fourth one replied "KNOWLEDGE and KNOW-HOW  ! Because one should not only posses knowledge  but also know how to put it to good use !"
Fifth one replied "OPTIMISM and ORGANIZATION"  ! Because unless one thinks positively ,and organises  his thoughts and actions  to serve humanity ,one cannot achieve anything worthwhile ! "
Sixth one replied "DYNAMISM and DEDICATION " ! Because these two qualities  are required  to push through one`s agenda.The cause should be such as would  help the mankind without hurting the environment ! "
The disciple went to his Guru and narrated whatever he had learned from these  wise men.  The Rhishi told the disciple that  one should try to imbibe these qualities and without worrying too much about outcomes of one`s actions try to achieve the goals.He then asked the disciple "How would you remember what you have learned ?"
The disciple replied "I will always remember  SUDKOD, which is an acronym  for all these qualities ! "
The Rhishi said "Tathastu !" (So  that  be! )

S      stands      for     SANITY, SYNERGY  and      STRENGTH       
U      stands     for     UNDERSTANDING    and       UPRIGHTNESS
D      stands     for     DILIGENCE                and       DARING          
K      stands     for     KNOWLEDGE           and        KNOW-HOW  
O      stands     for     OPTIMISM                 and       ORGANIZATION
D      stands     for     DYNAMISM                and       DEDICATION

Tathastu !


In brief

Sanity=Reasonablenes Synergy=combined effect of two or more things that is greater than their sum.
Diligence=inustry,thoroughness. Daring=involving an element of risk.
Know-how= the practical ability and knowledge necessary to do  a thing.  
Organization=  coordination of elements                       
Dynamism=vigourously active,forceful and energising quality. Dedication=devotion,commitment.