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In  a lighter vein
Jottings from the notebbok of a student  of Social History




Ref."History of  Am- Families" Author: Usamchikar P.J.

Ch. 2 p.33   [ISBN 1533674431]


"For a community  of the size not exceeding  fifteen thousand, the number of surnames is quite large...this could be  due to  repeated migrations and  change of vocations..."



"....A family whose ancestors  made fortune in the pottery trade moved to Bombay.The members of the family were industrious and down to earth  persons.They came to be

known as Muddymans (now spelled as Madiman).Another family whose ancestor was a Court Musician  in the Nagar Kingdom .. settled  down in Mangalore.One of them named   Taranath

did 'Riyaz' (rehearsed musical lessons) in   'Tarsaptak'   and  that too in a very  loud voice.This family came to be known as Yellore.

 A  third family  whose ancestor was  a  Rajvaidya (    honorary physician )to the King of Nagar  moved to Mumbai  (then known as Bombay).One of the family members  worked hard to find out  the etiology of hard stools.He discoverd a herbal remedy for 'vacating  the bowels of hard stools  through  most natural gateway' and took the surname  Vacanally ..."


Many more  surnames  are indicative of  vocations e.g.Nettar- probably spent most of his  time on net  !(Fisherman/Tennisplayer  or Internet ?)


Biyar (from Bi  - seed-merchant  ?),Chittar ( from Chit/Chitti, -postal service ?   ..`Vatanse Chitti Aayi Re`..) ....whether the two families Heranjal  and  Hervatte  had any special relationship could not be ascertained because neither of the families  responded to our questionnaire.....


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etiology=the set of factors that contribute to the occurrence of a disease 
gateway= an opening that may be closed by a gate
anally=relating to or situated near the anus   
 tarsaptak=third octave (above madhysaptak)