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It is  human nature to revel in the discovery of truth !  Uncover and smile,or uncover and laugh or uncover and  exclaim !
"Ah!" , that "Ahhaa! " feeling!.'
 ' Uncover' and 'Discover'are so close that one often mistakes former for the latter !
People cover themselves  as a protection against forces of nature  such as  rain,cold wind , and rough elements.Social norms  dictate  the way people dress. When somebody uncovers, there is this  'Aahha' feeling !
Half-truth is sometimes more attractive.Fashion designers are
 good  in  making best use of this truth ,so also the models  who display the wares !

1) A person interested in knowing the origin of certain commonly used expressions  in English went to  Washington D.C. and came out with the following:
Bill went to  his fast friend and confidate Diana and in passing  told her that his Confidential Secretary  Mona had "rubbed him on the wrong side".I t so happened that Diana knew Mona for years. She went to Mona to know   the facts , so to say,  through thr 'horse's mouth'.Mona told her the truth. Actually Bill had told her to rub ointment ('Mulaam'  in Konkani ! )) on his anterior  ,but Mona without follwing the instuctions  had rubbed his on the posterior  !

2) Bill and George were great friends.George admired Robert Frost.Bill  too liked his poems .Once both friends  met in a park with their pets in leash.Bill recited the following 'poem' :
In  midst of  the night,
it turned suddenly  !
Became very tight
almost woodenly !........(1)
Uncovered a spot,
emptied hiddenly !
Then became loose,
lounging candidly !...... (2)